The Founding of the Berean Baptist Church

In 1953, the Lord impressed a young, bashful farmer with a burning vision: to start the Berean Baptist Church. From the beginning, which initiated with a dingy basement building on 4615 Auburn Street, Pastor Melvin Swanson experienced the vast blessings of God, welcoming a congregation of seventeen that first Sunday service.

The Growth of the Church

Through prayer, dedication, and faithful labor, Pastor Swanson and his church family eventually outgrew their tiny church building. The time had come to make a fateful decision. Should they stay in their cramped quarters? Or should they step out by faith, purchase acreage for an expansive church building, and trust God for the results? Overwhelmingly, the Berean Baptist Church family voted to purchase the land, with countless church members devoting time, money, and expertise to build the new church. Though transplanted to 5626 Safford Road, the Berean Baptist Church retained its original members, with several still in attendance today, and added hundreds more.

The Leadership of the Church

For sixty-one years, Pastor Melvin Swanson preached the Word of God unwaveringly, loved his people, and prayed for each member daily. The fruit of his labor can be measured by the innumerable testimonies of saved souls and changed lives. In 2010, the Berean Baptist Church family embraced Pastor Mark Swanson as their new pastor. With deep compassion and fervent zeal, Pastor Mark has followed God’s leading, placing a firm emphasis on soul-winning, family, and the Bible. Under his leadership, the Berean Baptist Church has experienced a vastly rewarding four years, with new families joining regularly, the church property expanding, and an infectious excitement about what God is doing affecting every member. Grateful for a rich heritage, the Berean Baptist Church family looks forward to the future, expecting great and powerful works from its original founder – the Lord Jesus Christ.